Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Monday, February 1, 2016

Tu B'Shevat and Seed Catalogs

          The season is changing. Snowdrops are blooming, the solar panels are working more and seeds are ordered.

            Last weekend, we gathered to order seeds—four friends, some tea and lemon bars, and our seed catalogs. It was pouring out. People ran for the door hiding under plastic bags, tucking seed boxes under arms, and shook the water off when they came in. It was loud on the roof in the dining room. No one m indeed. We had seeds on our minds. Several had already made lists, other lists were made during discussion.  Seed packets flew around the table. I tracked orders on my big yellow pad. We talked varieties, past successes, and big plans for the coming season. When we broke up, we had a master order together—and I placed it the next night. They should be here soon.

            After the seed fest, I went to the TuB’Shevat with my friend Maureen. It is a lovely ritual celebrating “the sap rising in the trees” and the very beginnings of Spring. There are readings, chants, blessings, and ritual fruits as we move from the hard-shelled world of the body to the world of pure spirit. The table is covered with various fruits, fresh and dried, and it combines a little of the harvest with hopes for the coming year. This year, there was an underlying concern about the impact of climate change on the human and plant communities of the world.

            When I came home, Mark filled the greenhouse tub with hot water. After dinner, I soaked in the tub, and watched the full moon rise through the foggy windows. I dreamed of seeds started on the shelves inside and planted in the beds outside my windows, then came in for a long, still winter’s night sleep.

I made the Whole Lemon Bars from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, which I am loving for gatherings. It's a little fussy for every day!

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