Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Signs of the end... of the year.

  1.  Green sign-out sheet appears in our boxes. Cheers!
  2. Blue sheet-- how many seniors are failing and will not graduate?-- appears.
  3.  Grade Grubbing begins as everyone calculates how many points they need to either pass or get an A. People in between do not Grade Grub.
  4. Last day to turn in work announcement is on the board.
  5.  Variations, the school magazine, is published.
  6.  Memorial Day, followed by sun, followed by "Can we read outside today?" (no.)
  7.  Yearbooks appear during class and are confiscated for the day.
  8.  Seniors Last Day and the school is quiet.
  9.  Graduation on Monday night.
  10. Grade Grubbing continues.
  11. Tuesday after graduation is silent and focused.
  12. Room is cleared of junk-- it is amazing how much stuff piles up in corners over a year.
  13. Erase all  of the boards. Take down the art. Hand back papers.
  14. Recycling is hauled out.
  15. Grades are done.
  16. Last Grade Grubbing conversation is finished.
  17. Green sheet is turned in.
  18. SUMMER!

Sun Tea

We drink gallons of sun tea in the summer...

10 Red Rose tea bags-- decaf or caf.
4 springs of orange mint
half a gallon of water in the old glass martini pitcher from 1968.

Set it all in the sun for several hours, then squeeze the water from the tea bags and add a large wooden spoonful of honey. Stir well and chill. 

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