Sunday, June 2, 2013

Household Waste Stream

Where does all of our waste go? Mostly to compost...

Composted by Mark in his bins:
·        Branches and tree trimmings
·        Christmas tree branches (we burn the trunk as the “Yule Log”)
·        Leaves
·        Pompost
·        Rotten food
·        Trimmings from veg.
·        Paper towels for cleaning up cat barf
·        Clothing, cotton and wool
·        Cardboard
·        “compostable” plates, glasses, silverware, as well as all food soiled paper bags and napkins
·        Newspapers

Composted in the Gardens:
·        Grass trimmings
·        Leaves
·        bunny and chicken poop

Recycled through the chickens:
·        garden trimmings, like oversized kale leaves
·        household veg trimmings
·        stale bread ends and old muffins that have not molded
·        old beans and tofu
·        thousands of bugs

Recycled curbside or otherwise:
·        Glass
·        Plastics with appropriate numbers
·        Cans
·        Newspapers
·        Milk containers
·        Films and plastic wraps, plastic bags
·        Batteries, lightbulbs
·        Occasional packing peanuts and bubble wrap

·        Cloth napkins and real plates, even for parties
·        Canning jars—for everything!
·        Clothes  into  cleaning rags
·        Plastic bags are washed and reused
·        Plastic containers are washed and reused, or brought to the co-op for others to reuse
·        Magazines have several readers, then the Senior Center

Yet another recipe for kale….
It’s been a good few weeks for the kale plants—the leaves are bigger than my head.  We’ve had Kale and tomato soup, kale and tofu with rice, greens over toast, and this one. I like to say cous cous over and over again while it is steeping.

Kale with Cous-Cous            From Recipes from the Root Cellar
1.5 cups of cous cous, cooked
One lemon, zested and juiced mixed with about .25 cup of olive oil and a teaspoon of mustard, whisked together and stirred into the grain.
About six cups of chopped kale, quickly cooked and cooled, then well drained. I gave it a good hand squeeze.
.25 cup of crumbled feta, some olives
Mix it all together and eat still warm of cool for lunch the next day.

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