Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Household Waste Stream

Where does all of our waste go? Mostly to compost...

Composted by Mark in his bins:
·        Branches and tree trimmings
·        Christmas tree branches (we burn the trunk as the “Yule Log”)
·        Leaves
·        Pompost
·        Rotten food
·        Trimmings from veg.
·        Paper towels for cleaning up cat barf
·        Clothing, cotton and wool
·        Cardboard
·        “compostable” plates, glasses, silverware, as well as all food soiled paper bags and napkins
·        Newspapers

Composted in the Gardens:
·        Grass trimmings
·        Leaves
·        bunny and chicken poop

Recycled through the chickens:
·        garden trimmings, like oversized kale leaves
·        household veg trimmings
·        stale bread ends and old muffins that have not molded
·        old beans and tofu
·        thousands of bugs

Recycled curbside or otherwise:
·        Glass
·        Plastics with appropriate numbers
·        Cans
·        Newspapers
·        Milk containers
·        Films and plastic wraps, plastic bags
·        Batteries, lightbulbs
·        Occasional packing peanuts and bubble wrap

·        Cloth napkins and real plates, even for parties
·        Canning jars—for everything!
·        Clothes  into  cleaning rags
·        Plastic bags are washed and reused
·        Plastic containers are washed and reused, or brought to the co-op for others to reuse
·        Magazines have several readers, then the Senior Center

Yet another recipe for kale….
It’s been a good few weeks for the kale plants—the leaves are bigger than my head.  We’ve had Kale and tomato soup, kale and tofu with rice, greens over toast, and this one. I like to say cous cous over and over again while it is steeping.

Kale with Cous-Cous            From Recipes from the Root Cellar
1.5 cups of cous cous, cooked
One lemon, zested and juiced mixed with about .25 cup of olive oil and a teaspoon of mustard, whisked together and stirred into the grain.
About six cups of chopped kale, quickly cooked and cooled, then well drained. I gave it a good hand squeeze.
.25 cup of crumbled feta, some olives
Mix it all together and eat still warm of cool for lunch the next day.

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