Sunday, November 30, 2014

December Work List

December is the month of rituals, as we work to bring the old year to a close and assure that the sun will return again. There is not much to do in the gardens; they are tucked in for the winter. There are always house projects, but they are the sort that can wait, if a better offer comes along. So, the list is short.

·        Make the Christmas cards
·        Mail packages East
·        Hang the outside lights
·        Bake Lucia Buns and hike up Bald Hill at dawn
·        Light fires
·        Eat Latkes
·        Consider the Solstice
·        Set goals for the coming year
·        Bake bread, stolen, cookies, English muffins…
·        Paint the pantry
·        Visit
·        Read
·        Stare into space
·        Take long walks on the logging roads

Banana Pudding-- not at all local, but darn tasty!

Make a batch of pastry cream.
Whip a half pint of cream.
Slice bananas.
Eat a few Nilla Wafers and remember your grandmother.

Layer: Nilla Wafers, the half the pastry cream, then half the bananas, then half the whipped cream. Repeat. Decorate with Nilla Wafers.

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