Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Sunday, November 30, 2014

December Work List

December is the month of rituals, as we work to bring the old year to a close and assure that the sun will return again. There is not much to do in the gardens; they are tucked in for the winter. There are always house projects, but they are the sort that can wait, if a better offer comes along. So, the list is short.

·        Make the Christmas cards
·        Mail packages East
·        Hang the outside lights
·        Bake Lucia Buns and hike up Bald Hill at dawn
·        Light fires
·        Eat Latkes
·        Consider the Solstice
·        Set goals for the coming year
·        Bake bread, stolen, cookies, English muffins…
·        Paint the pantry
·        Visit
·        Read
·        Stare into space
·        Take long walks on the logging roads

Banana Pudding-- not at all local, but darn tasty!

Make a batch of pastry cream.
Whip a half pint of cream.
Slice bananas.
Eat a few Nilla Wafers and remember your grandmother.

Layer: Nilla Wafers, the half the pastry cream, then half the bananas, then half the whipped cream. Repeat. Decorate with Nilla Wafers.

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