Solar Tracking

Solar Tracking
How low can you go? Snow and ice and cancelled school.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Greens for Dinner, again. (and again. and again...)

            We had a small dinner rebellion last week. Mark came home, hungry and damp, and asked what was for dinner. When I told him greens and polenta, his face fell. Normally he loves polenta and greens—the balance of creamy, cheesey, soft cornmeal flecked with dried tomatoes and basil
and the sharp and garlicy tang of the mustard and kale greens, but tonight…he was not a happy camper. “Could we go to the store,” he asked quietly, “and get some broccoli…and maybe a little sliced turkey?” We did, and we picked up some ice cream, too. Dinner was fine—and we ate the greens the next night.

What to do with various leafy greens…

            Pasta with dried cherries and toast walnuts and parmesan cheese
            Shells with chard and chickpeas
            Tart with ricotta and eggs


            Black eyed peas
            Soup with beans

            With squash in lasagna
            Sautéed with leeks and garlic
            Tomato and barley soup
            With feta and pasta
            With chickpeas in soup
            Lentil soup

Any and all greens, mixed together:
            With beans on toast
            With peanut sauce and rice
            In quiche and frittata
            With tofu


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