Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer is....

Memorial Day weekend is the tease of summer…and summer is:

· Having tea without discussing the most recent book in American Lit.
· Wearing the same pair of pants for three days
· No weird papers or requests from counselors
· Hiking, wildflowers, feet in cold streams, backpack creaking…
· Fresh veggies from the back yard
· A pile of books from the book sort
· Eating both of my lunch cookies, rather than giving one to Jesse when he comes in to tell me about his attempts at getting a girl
· Being outside, rather than inside, as the default location
· Staring into space
· House projects
· Day hikes every Monday
· Dirty feet
· Garden hoses exploding in the yard
· Watching the bees bring in pollen with Lucy
· Listening to Harry’s stories while weeding at Sunbow
· Making jam, drying fruit, reading cookbooks
· Fresh berries
· Democracy Now all the way through
· ……

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