Solar Tracking

Solar Tracking
How low can you go? Snow and ice and cancelled school.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer is....

Memorial Day weekend is the tease of summer…and summer is:

· Having tea without discussing the most recent book in American Lit.
· Wearing the same pair of pants for three days
· No weird papers or requests from counselors
· Hiking, wildflowers, feet in cold streams, backpack creaking…
· Fresh veggies from the back yard
· A pile of books from the book sort
· Eating both of my lunch cookies, rather than giving one to Jesse when he comes in to tell me about his attempts at getting a girl
· Being outside, rather than inside, as the default location
· Staring into space
· House projects
· Day hikes every Monday
· Dirty feet
· Garden hoses exploding in the yard
· Watching the bees bring in pollen with Lucy
· Listening to Harry’s stories while weeding at Sunbow
· Making jam, drying fruit, reading cookbooks
· Fresh berries
· Democracy Now all the way through
· ……

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