Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Solar Production 2016 and 2018

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cabbage Days

It is Cabbage Season. Steve Solomon, in his great book Growing Vegetables West of The Cascades, mentioned these seasons, but I was skeptical. Cabbage years—that can’t happen. There's always something else to eat. Well, it is here. The long dank spell in December, followed by Solstice, has shut down green growth. Sunbow has been closed for three weeks.  We went to the co-op today looking for local greens from the larger farms. Nothing. No chard, no spinach, no kale! There was a small bowl of salad greens, which Mark scooped up. No broccoli, no cauliflower, no….wait—there is cabbage. In the corner of the produce shelf, piles high—red and green cabbage. Locally grown. Still looking lively. Cabbage.  “What,” Mark asked apprehensively, “Are you going to do with that?”
            What am I going to do with it? I looked in the cookbooks. Alice Waters and Deborah Madison, the Grand Dames of local food, had no thoughts on the matter—except for sautéing it in duck fat. Cabbage is clearly a low-brow vegetable.  Molly Katsen—not much. There’s a Creamy Cabbage Soup in Moosewood….and there’s lots of lovely variations of coleslaw in my book of winter vegetables. In comparison to say, corn or tomatoes, it's pretty slim pickings.  Here’s the plan…

            Monday: burritos with chipolte slaw
            Tuesday: Cabbage sauteed with onions, a ton of dill and black pepper, and served over noodles
            Wednesday: Onion and  Olive pizza with steamed cabbage and a scrap of broccoli
            Thursday: Squash Gnocchi  and salad, stretched with shredded cabbage
            Friday: Fried rice with old carrots, new cabbage, onions, and some frozen peas
            Saturday:  Salmon and peas—no cabbage
            Sunday: White Dinner—cabbage and potatoes mashed together with butter and maybe a bit of paprika for color  and seared tofu with red pepper and lots of garlic

            I’m hoping for some red mustards, at least, next week!

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